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Viking RC-2A and RC-3 Remote DTMF Controller

Manufacturer: Viking
Brand: Viking
Item: Viking RC-2A and RC-3 Remote DTMF Controller
Model: VK-RC-2A / VK-RC-3
Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description
  • Viking RC-2A Remote DTMF Controller.
  • Viking RC-3 Relay (Remote DTMF Controller).
  • RC-2A:
    • Remote DTMF Controller provides remote relay operation from any standard Touch Tone telephone.
    • Designed to be installed locally or internally.
    • Can be installed in series on any analog communications path (Analog CO Lines, Analog PABX/KSU stations, or Vikings W-Series doorboxes (W-1000, W-2000A or W-3000).
    • Passively monitors Touch Tone commands.
    • Can be used for off-premises applications.
    • Can answer analog CO lines or PABX/KSU stations after a selectable ring relay (1,2,6, or 15).
    • Field programmable access code to prevent unauthorized usage.
    • For applications with more than one relay closure, RC-3 is required.
    • Easy installation with modular jacks and screw terminals.
    • Automatic disconnect or return to secure mode after 60 seconds.
    • Remote Control of high securtiy building entry, security systems, pumps and fans, gates, lighting, PABX/KSU reset, and heating and cooling equipment.
  • Read More About RC-2A.(PDF)
  • RC-3:
    • Enables a standard Touch Tone phone to control up to 3 maintaind ON, maintained OFF, or momentary relay contacts from a remote location.
    • Fully user programmable.
    • Uses Non-Volatile E2 memory.
    • Up to 3 RC-3's can be daisy chained on same line to control up to 9 relays.
    • Switchable 12V talk battery.
    • Easy installation on the trunk port.
    • Unit can be connected directly to a CO line or an analog PABX/KSU station.
    • 12 digit alarm activated pulse dialer.
    • 6 digit security code (Accesses programming).
    • 6 digit access code (Disable or enable additional control security).
    • Relay interrogation tones.
    • Programmable relay time delays.
    • Programmable ring delays before answering.
    • Status LEDs for relays 1,2,3 and the answer relay.
    • Features a built-in pulse dialer activated by a contact closure from an alarm system, temperature sensor and more.
    • Will dial number up to 3 times sending alert tones indicating an emergency.
    • One power adapter can power up to 3 units.
    • Remote Control of high security building entry, Door strikes (W-1000, W-2000A, or W-3000), signs, lights, cameras, sprinklers, motors, other contact controlled equipment.
    • Can be used as an emergency dialer for alarm systems.
  • Read More About RC-3. (PDF)

Viking RC-2A and RC-3 Remote DTMF Controller


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