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CO Phone Line Surge Protection and Cat5e, Cat6 Surge Protection from ITW Linx Surgegate

ITW Linx Surgegate products were formerly called Towermax products. ITW Linx is an Illinois based company and they have been making these surge supressors for 20 years. We choose to exclusively sell this brand for CO phone line surge protection and Cat5e/6 surge protection because we think it's the best. We recommend one of these be on every phone system, between the phone lines and the phone system. The ITW Linx surge suppressors are self restting and will stop any surge. The biggest difference in models is the number of lines protected and how those lines connect to the unit.

arrowITW Linx SurgeGate Telecom Modules

Part #
UltraLinx 66 Block UltraLinx 66 Block
Solid State Protection for voice and high-speed data transmission systems.
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More Info About UltraLinx 66 Block
SurgeGate MCO4110  /  MCO8110 SurgeGate MCO4110 and MCO8110
Surge protection of either 4 or 8 central office phone lines using a combination of 110 punch-down blocks and RJ-45 connector jacks.
MC04110 / 8110
Prices From:
More Info About SurgeGate MCO4110  and  MCO8110
SurgeGate MCO25-60 SurgeGate MCO25-60
Protects 25 CO lines using a 50 Pin, RJ-21X amphenol connectors.
Prices From:
More Info About SurgeGate MCO25-60
SurgeGate MCO4 SurgeGate MCO4
Protects up to 4 CO lines with RJ-11/45 jacks through 2 ports.
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More Info About SurgeGate MCO4
SurgeGate MCO4x4-60 SurgeGate MCO4x4-60
SurgeGate CO/4x4 for up to 4 CO lines with RJ-11/45 jacks through 4 ports.
Prices From:
More Info About SurgeGate MCO4x4-60
SurgeGate MDS25 SurgeGate MDS25
SurgeGate DS/25 for building-to-building digital applications. Uses RJ-21X Amphenol connectors.
Prices From:
More Info About SurgeGate MDS25
SurgeGate MDS2-60 SurgeGate MDS2-60
SurgeGate DS/2 for digital station lines.
Prices From:
More Info About SurgeGate MDS2-60
SurgeGate MDSCO-60 SurgeGate MDSCO-60
Protects (2) 4 wire digital phone lines or (2) 2 wire tip/ring analog lines using RJ-11/45 connectors
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More Info About SurgeGate MDSCO-60
SurgeGate MLLT1 SurgeGate MLLT1
SurgeGate T-1 Surge protection.
Prices From:
More Info About SurgeGate MLLT1
SurgeGate MRS2 SurgeGate MRS2
Protects (2) 8 wire RS-232 Lines using RJ-45 Connectors.
More Info About SurgeGate MRS2

arrowITW Linx SurgeGate Cat5e/6 Modules

Part #
CAT5-LAN / CAT5-235 CAT5-LAN and CAT5-235
Protection of Category 5 network applications from lightening and transient voltage surges.
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More Info About CAT5-LAN and CAT5-235
Protection of (1) 4 pair CAT6 Cable.
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More Info About CAT6-LAN

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