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Phone System Manuals

How to Install or Program your phone system.

For any business user that wants to either install their own phone system or wants make changes or additions to their phone system, you will certainly need the manual for your phone system. We are doing our best to gather phone system manuals for you to download free.

Tele Technology is loading all kids of phone system manuals and adminisration guides for a variety of manufacturers of business telephone systems.

In order for you to download the correct phone system manual it will be important that you know what kind of phone system you have. Generally if you have any bits of your original phone system manual, then looking at the cover will probably lead you to the manufacturer and brand.

Every phone system manufacturer has more than one brand, and example of this is Nortel Networks, who makes the "Norstar", "Meridian" and BCM brands. Each of these phone systems are different and they have completely different manuals sets. Also installing these phone systems will be vastly different from each other, so it will be important that you have the right manuals.

Also, these phone system manuals usually come in sets. There are manuals for the physical installation of a phone system, the intial setup of the phone system, then the programming of the phone system and then the programming of the individual phones and then of course the setup and programming of the voicemail system. Usually each phone system brand has one or two voicemail system that can go with it, so you will need the correct voicemail model and release.

In order to install or program your phone system you will need to know what it is. If you do not have any of the original manual around, start by looking for the manufacturer name on the phone. Most phones state the manufacturer or brand right on the top of the phone. A sticker on the bottom of the phone could possibly lead you to the correct brand of the phone, which will help you find the right manual.

Once you get your phone system manual, then please be sure to read it throughly so you don't make any mistakes in the step. Almost always, the programming of your business phone system, even down to just changing the time on the telephone will require that you log into your phone system. You will need to know the correct code get to the phone systems login and then you will need the password. The phone system manual will guide you how to get to the log in.

Hardly any phone systems that have been on the market for a while have any way to log in through a computer. Some new ip system are computer based so this is easy, but if you have an older system, you must program from a phone. Some expamples of this would the Norstar phone system, the Toshiba DK series, The Samsung Prostar or DCS, Macrotel, DuVoice, Merlin, Legend to name a few.

The phone systems manual will show you how to access the login and then it should show you which buttons navigate from section to section so please consult the manual.

As to physical wiring, most phone system manual sets come with a wiring chart, so please refer to this guide in order to know which wire to punch down and where.

When in doubt, download all of the phone system manuals for your phone system.

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