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NEC Aspire Phone System, Phones and Parts

We maintain the largest and finest stock of NEC Apsire phones, systems and parts in the industry. Our like new Aspire phones are guaranteed to be the nicest anywhere in the world.

Change Date and Time on the Aspire Phone System

NEC Aspire Phones

NEC Aspire Phones

We Got Em IN STOCK! NEC Aspire Phones, ready to ship!
NEC Aspire Phone Systems and Replacement Parts

NEC Aspire Systems and Replacment Parts

Looking for parts for your big Aspire Phone System? We got those too!
NEC Aspire-S phone system and replacement parts

NEC Aspire-S Systems and Replacement Parts

The litle brother, the Aspire S, we got that too!
NEC Aspire Voicemail System

NEC Aspire Voicemail Systems

Need voicemaill on your Aspire phone systems?

The NEC Aspire phone system is NEC's converged platform. Basically what they mean by this is that the phone system will operate in both as traditional phone system and and IP based phone system at the same time. So in this since, NEC Aspire will "converge" your voice and data into a single network. This lets you move voice traffic over your IP networks,and if you IP network is a multi location network then your voice traffic can now follow that same route. This is the advantage of the VoiP concept.

So for a business that has mutliple locations, not only can you have a seem less connection between any and all locations, you will also defeat any long distance calling between these locations and that's the kicker if there are a lot of phone calls back and forth between site. Aspire will also allow you to operate in a 100% ip environment if desired.

NEC Aspire also uses an interesting feature called "peer to peer" switching. The NEC Aspire architecture will allow any Aspire IP phone on the network to communicate directly with any other IP phones and equipment, by passing the phone system it self once the call is structured, the traffic just goes "peer to peer" or phone to phone. Pretty nifty really.

All of the NEC Apsire IP traffic will function just fine over most existing networks and does not require it's own special network, which certainly can reduce costs in the build of the network, and for any business that has many branch stations, the savings is enormous.

All phones in the NEC Aspire series have built in headset jacks, caller ID call logging, 10 number redial lists and tilting displays.

Also, the NEC Aspire phone systems can be programmed via a web interface, a feature we certainly like.

Follow these instructions to change the date and time on your Aspire phone system. This will work from any phone model numbers 08900xx

1. From Extension 301 (this is the default system admin phone), press CALL1 and then dial 828

2. Punch in the two digit hour in 24 hour format

3. Punch in two digits for the minutes and you should then hear a a few beeps confirming the phone system took your entry.

4. Press SPK to hang up and your date and time should be changed.

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