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Avaya Partner ACS Phone Systems ®

Avaya Partner ACS

The Avaya Partner ACS phone system is the latest in the Partner series from Avaya. It makes an excellent choice for small to medium business offices and offers a flexible choice of configuration, phones and voicemail.
Partner 18D Display Telephone

The Avaya Partner ACS 18D telephone offers a perfect blend of price, function and form. The ACS Partner 18D is the main desktop phone for the Partner ACS, Advanced Communication System.

ACS Voice Messaging PC Card
Need a simple voicemail for your Partner ACS phone system that won't break your piggy bank?! Well this is it. The Partner PCMIA voicemail cards come in two sizes and are available both new and used. Click the link above to view the options.
Partner ACS 308ec Module

Use the Avaya Partner ACS 308 EC to expand your Partner phone system! The 308 EC adds ports for 3 more phone lines and 8 additional Partner phones. This 308 EC does require that you have either a 5 slot carrier or a 2 slot connector.

ACS R7 Processor

One release back, this ACS R7 phone system can saves you at least $100 dollars! The R7 has been replaced by the R8, but the features are almost IDENTICAL! Take advantage while they last. Operates 5 phone lines and 9 Partner phones!

Avaya Partner  ACS  R8 Phone System Package

This Partner ACS phone system package is complete and ready to go. Buy this bundle and get a new ACS Release 8 phone system and 4 new Partner ACS Series 2 18D telephones. Ready to be installed!

Avaya  3910 Multi-Line Wireless


Save big NOW on the Avaya Digital, Mutliline Cordless Phones! The 3910 seamlessly integrates with you Partner ACS phone system, has a full display and 4 line keys! Also, it has a hold button and a transfer button! It's like a desk set, but portable!

Avaya Partner ACS R8

The latest and greatest Avaya Partner ACS phone system. This release 8 phone system offers a few upgraded features and is available brand new. It will provide for 5 phone lines and 9 Partner phones!

Avaya  3920 Multi-Line Wireless

Save big NOW on the Avaya Digital, Mutliline Cordless Phones! The 3910 seamlessly integrates with you Partner ACS phone system, has a full display and 4 line keys! Also, it has a hold button and a transfer button! It's like a desk set, but portable!

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Partner Expansion Modules

ACS Processors and Carriers

  • Can be run standalone in carrier.
  • ACS Processors can be run with any combination of ACS modules and Partner II modules.
Popular Models
ACS R7 Processor, ACS R6 Processor,
5 Slot Carrier

Partner ACS Phones

  • New phones for the ACS series.
  • Well built models for each location in your office.
Popular Models
Partner 18D, Partner 34D, Partner CA-48 Call Assistant

Partner ACS Expansion Modules

  • Easy expansion of your ACS phone system.
  • 5 slot carrier allows addition of 4 more modules.
Popular Models
308 EC, 400 EC, 012

Partner ACS Voicemails

  • 2 Seperate models available.
Popular Models
Partner ACS Voicemail PC Cards ON SALE!!!!!
Partner Messaging

Partner ACS Phone System Packages


The Avaya Partner ACS Phone Systems are the latest and greatest from Avaya (formerly AT&T and Lucent).


The newest versions of the ACS system consists of a Processing Unit, the Release 7. The Processor is a full fledged phone system that will operate 5 phone lines and 9 Partner phones straight out of the box.

If 5x9 does not fit your needs, you can put the processor into a 5 slot carrier and add other expansion modules. The most common expansion module for the ACS system is a 308EC, which will operate another 3 phone lines and 8 Partner phones per expansion module.

With a 5 slot carrier and the processor comsuming one slot, you can have 4 308EC modules. Other expansion modules made new by Avaya are the 400EC, which operate 4 phone lines, and an 012 Module, which operates 12 Partner phones.


The Partner ACS system offers two choices of voicmails systems with several options each. The first option is a small laptop style PCMIA card. It is mated to a slot built directly into the ACS processor itself thus consuming zero slots in the carrier (if there is one). It's inexpensive comparatively but it's also very small (limited to 16 mailboxes total) and lacks in a few features.

The second voicemail option is a the full blown Partner Messaging Module. This voicemail is a fully optioned, professional voicemail system and will consume one slot in the Partner ACS carrier.


For phones, Avaya now offers every brand new Partner phone with a display, even the 6 button phone. Avaya is in their second generation of what is known as the "eurostyle" partner phones. These are nicknamed the "Series 2 Partner Phones". The new partner phones come in a 6 button, 18 button and 34 button versions along with a 48 button addon module for call answering positions.


If you are in need of finding documentation or if you need support from Avaya regarding the programming of the ACS system, installation of the system and what not, you find alot of it on Avaya's website here -->

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