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  • Phone System Packages Home
    Norstar Phone System Packages
    Nortel BCM 50 Phone System Packages
    NEC Phone System Packages
    Avaya Phone System Packages


  • Norstar Phone Systems
    Norstar Cabinets & Systems
    Norstar Telephones
    Norstar Voicemail
    Norstar Components, Modules
    Norstar Call Centers
    NorstarMaster Parts Reference

  • Nortel BCM VoIP Phone Systems
    Nortel BCM Phone Systems
    Nortel IP Phones
    Nortel BCM Media Bay Modules
    Nortel BCM Key Codes

  • Nortel Meridian 1 PBX Phone Systems
    Nortel Meridian 1 PBX's
    Nortel Meridian 1 Telephones
    Nortel Meridian 1 Voicemail Systems
    NortelMeridian 1 Components, Parts
    NortelMeridian 1 Call Centers
    Nortel Meridian 1 Master Parts Ref.

  • Dialogic Voice Boards & Products

  • AT&T / Lucent / Avaya Phone Systems

  • Avaya Partner ACS Phone Systems
    Avaya Partner ACS Processors & Carriers
    Avaya Partner ACS Expansion Modules
    Avaya Partner ACS Telephones
    Avaya Partner ACS Voicemail Systems

  • AT&T Lucent Partner Phone Systems
  • Partner Processors & Carriers
    Partner Expansion Modules
    Partner MLS & Partner Telephones
    Partner Voicemail Systems

  • AT&T Merlin Legend Phone Systems
  • Legend Processors & Carriers
    Legend Expansion Modules
    Legend MLX Telephones
    Legend Voicemail Systems

  • Avaya Merlin Magix Phone Systems
  • Magix Processors & Carriers
    Magix Expansion Modules
    Magix Telephones

  • AT&T Spirit Phone Systems
  • Spirit Control Units
    Spirit Telephones

  • AT&T Merlin II, Merlin Plus Products
  • Merlin Control Units
    Merlin Telephones

  • Inter-Tel Encore CX Phone Systems
  • Inter-Tel Encore CX Phones
    Inter-Tel Encore CX Cabinets and Modules
    Inter-Tel Encore CX Parts & Accessories
    Inter-Tel Encore CX Voicemail Systems

  • MultiTech Systems
  • MultiVOIP Gateways and Parts
    VPN Client Software
    E-Mail Anti-Virus Protection Upgrade


  • ALL NEC Products
    NEC Aspire Phones
    NEC Aspire-S Phone Systems and Parts
    NEC Aspire-M Phone Systems and Parts
    NEC Aspire Voicemail

  • NEC DS1000 / DS2000 Phone Systems
    NEC DS1000 / DS2000 Phone Systems
    NEC DS1000 / DS2000 Digital Phones
    NEC DS1000 / DS2000 Cards & Parts
    NEC DS1000 / DS2000 Voicemail Systems

  • NEC DSX Phone Systems
    NEC DSX - 80 Phone System Kit
    NEC DSX Phone Systems
    NEC DSX Digital Phones
    NEC DSX Cards & Parts
    NEC DSX IntraMail Voicemail Systems

  • Panasonic Phone Systems

  • Panasonic DBS Phone Systems
  • Panasonic DBS Cabinets
    Panasonic DBS Telephones
    Panasonic DBS PanaVoice
    Panasonic DBS Components

  • Panasonic KXT Phone Systems
  • Panasonic KX-TA824 Phone System Package
    Panasonic KX-TA824 Phone System & Parts
    Panasonic KX-TAW848 Phone System & Parts
    Panasonic KX-TA824 & KX-TAW848 Phones
    Panasonic KX-TAV Voicemail
    Panasonic KX-T & KX-TD Phone System & Parts
    Panasonic KX-T & KX-TD Phones

  • Samsung Phone Systems
  • Samsung DCS Phone Systems
  • Samsung iDCS & DCS Systems & Cabinets
    Samsung iDCS & DCS Telephones
    Samsung DCS Voicemail
    Samsung iDCS & DCS Parts & Components

  • Samsung Prostar Phone Systems
  • Samsung Prostar System Cabinets
    Samsung Prostar Telephones
    Samsung Prostar Voicemail
    Samsung Prostar Parts & Components

  • Toshiba Phone Systems
    Toshiba CTX Phone Systems
    Toshiba CTX Phone System Parts
    Toshiba DK Phone Systems
    Toshiba DKT Phones
    Toshiba EKT Phones
    Toshiba DK CPU's & Parts

  • Xblue Networks


    Asuzi Phone Systems
    Executech Phone Systems
    Executone Phone Systems
    Extrom Phone Systems
    Fujitsu Phone Systems
    Hitachi Phone Systems
    Intertel Phone Systems
    ITT/Cortelco Phone Systems
    Iwatsu Phone Systems
    Kanda Phone Systems
    Macrotel Phone Systems
    Mitel Phone Systems
    NEC Phone Systems
    Nitsuko Phone Systems
    Panther & Panther II Phone Systems
    Rolm/Siemens Phone Systems
    SW Bell Phone Systems
    Tadiran Phone Systems
    Tel-Plus Phone Systems
    Telrad Phone Systems
    TIE Phone Systems
    Vodavi Phone Systems


    Amanda Portal
    AVT (Applied Voice Technology)


    Multi-Line Telephones
    Cordless Telephones
    Call Recorders and Loggers
    Call Accounting Software
    Music and Message on Hold
    Paging and Music Systems
    Phone Installation Tools
    Battery Backup and UPS Systems
    Line and Power Protection


    Premisys Slimline T-1


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    Supplier to Houston Texas of Houston office phone systems, Houston business phones systems, Houston Voice Over IP Phone Systems, Houston BCM phone systems, houston phone cable, houston phone system installations. We also provide programming services for businesses in Houston on all types of phone systems. Voicemail, Call Center, Call Logging, Auto Attendant, Multiple sites, Voip phone systems